Company FAQ

What makes CiTea Amsterdam different from other tea companies?
The quality of our teas is the most important factor. The teas and herbs used in our blends are selected for their high grades, specific origins, freshness, natural flavours, and appearance. We work hard to push every element of our tea blends to the forefront of their flavour profiles. 

How much will 3,5 oz/ 100gr. of tea make?
3,5 oz/ 100gr. of tea makes approximately 50 cups. It’s important to note most of our teas are full leaf and can be brewed for several infusions. E.g.: Gyuokuro AsahiJapan Kukicha etc.

Do you offer wholesale?
Yes! Please refer to the wholesale section of our website for further details.

Do you hold tea tastings?
Yes! We offer private tea tastings for groups of 5-10 people. This could be done on your location or we can suggest one which fits to your needs.
Tasting events are a great way to experience a variety of our premium teas and learn about tea. Please send us an email with your request and we’ll get in touch with you:
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