What does citea different?

Quality is king at CiTea. Therefore we spend an awful lot of time to find pure teas and the best flavors.

We’ll make a custom made tea menu that fits your needs and your guests. Every location is unique and demands a unique tea menu.

seasonal tea

Adjust your tea menu to the season? Challenge us to help you doing so.

That’s what real experience is.

Why loose tea

Fresh, loose tea is barely processed, better quality leaves offer fuller taste and flavour, more depth and nuance.

  • Better quality = more sales
  • Bigger margin per cup
  • More infusions
  • Extended shelf life
  • Less packaging, less waste

Tips & tricks

We really like to help you improve your quality. Think of:

    • Starter set
    • Sample set
    • Tea training
    • Tea menu
    • Promotionel support

Why CiTea

The time between picking the tea leave and the tea cup should be as short as possible, herewith we guarantee freshness and optimum taste.

      • Personalized tea menu
      • Broad tea selection
      • Retail posibilities
      • Quick delivery

Dio Buchner
Phone: +31 6 11 88 89 98
Email: info@citea.nl

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