Yunnan Pu Erh


Pu Erh has a long history of exported compressed tea from the mountains of Yunnan province, China, to inland Tibet. In Tibet where beef and mutton were consumed people found Pu Erh helped with digestion and...

...provided nutrients unavailable in their diet. Commonly recognized as benefits of Pu Erh are fat break-down and aids digestion.
Fermented tea with a dark red cup, earthy taste and woody notes.

Ingredients: Chinese Pu Erh from Yunnan, China. High level of vitamine C soluble in water and rapidly assimilated by the body.
Preparation: 1tsp., 80-90°C, 2-4min.

Stay-fresh pouch 100gr./ 3.5oz;
Traveler caddy 100gr./ 3.5oz;

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