Wu Lu Mountain - organic


Organic green tea grown by the Wu family in the high elevations of the Lu mountains in Jiangxi, China. This tea is known as one of the best teas of this area. There are only a few beautiful gardens and due to the mountain breeze, the fact that...

...the gardens are surrounded by misty and humid climate and the special ground where they grow, the plants produce these special leafs, which are long and small, with a dark green colour.
Refreshing and balanced with a pleasing asperagus bitter-sweetness and light grassiness.

Ingredients: Organic Wu Lu green tea
Preparation: 1-1,5tsp, 76°C, 2-3min.

Stay-fresh pouch 80gr./2.5oz
Traveler caddy 80gr./2.5oz

Henrik Elskdal, Sweden

This is one of my favorite teas. However, make sure you do not brew this tea for too long, or it will taste bitter. I drink this just about every day and it is much better than those commerical tea bags you find in the supermarkets.

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