Japan Buddha Amacha


Also called Buddha tea, this tea is drunk in Japan for Buddha's birthday and not very well known outside Japan. It is said the day Buddha was born the morning dew tasted sweet.

Amacha means 'sweet tea' and refers to it's naturally sweet taste with notes of liquorice and soft anis which lingers on after the last sip.

Serving tip:
Serve your Japan Buddha Amacha as an iced tea. Steep 2 or 3 leaves in a half-full cup of hot water, after 2,5 minute fill up wih ice cubes and put your fresh made iced tea aside to cool down for a few minutes.

Ingredients: Hydrangea serrata leaf
Preparation: 1tsp, 70°C, 2-2,5min.

Stay-fresh pouch 50gr./ 2oz;
Traveler caddy 50gr./ 2oz;

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