Herbal Chai


This tea gets its inspiration from the 5000 year old Ayurveda philosophy, searching for a perfect balance between body, soul, peace, serenity and harmony. The tea gives energy and takes away fatigue.

Delicious when brewed on its own and even more delicious with frothed hot milk.
Invigorating and warming, chai may be either steeped or traditionally boiled in water with milk (add a handful of chopped fresh ginger for additional heat, if desired) and sweetened to taste. Fragrant and seductive, chai is perfect to enjoy anytime and makes your home smell utterly divine.

Ingredients: Undisclosed
Chai latte: 2 tsp, 90°C., 5-8 min.
On it's own: 1 tsp, 80°C., 3-4 min.

Stay-fresh pouch 100gr./ 3.5oz;
Traveler caddy 100gr./ 3.5oz; 


Yogi power is a great herbal blend. Depending on how long you let it steep, the spicier the taste. It is a great pick me up, especially in cooler times of the year. Really do watch out with letting it steep too long though, because it can get too spicy!

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