Gyokuro Asahi, organic


There's nothing like a little Gyokuro to make life feel luxurious, a rare seasonal tea with limited supply. The leaves are shielded for 3 weeks prior to harvesting which creates a light but very complex blend, a deep dark green color and creates...

...the umami flavour that characterizes the Gyokuro.
We recommend to slowly drink this luxury tea as a morning kickstart, like Japanese emperors used to do.
Rich bouquet of fresh picked leaves, fresh taste with with sweet notes and a lingering finish.

Ingredients: Gyokuro green tea, Asahi
Preparation: 2tsp, 70°C, 1-1,5min

Stay-fresh pouch 50gr./ 2oz;
Traveler caddy 50gr./ 2oz;

Mori Yakunisu

As a Japanese expat living in Holland I need that back-at-home feeling after a long day at the office.
Its fresh, authentic taste reminds me of my home town in Japan.

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