Camomile Garden


Camomile tea, but better! Enriched with fresh lemon grass, mint, citrus peels and a tiny bit hibiscus.

Our Camomile Garden is a tea that could be used in many ways; as hot tea, caffeine free evening tea, or iced tea.
Would you like to serve your guests something really special, something only you have got? Infuse the tea in cold water in the refrigerator for 2 hours, add orange peels, some mint and serve in glass filled with ice cubes.
We can assure you that your friends will drop by more often at once.

Ingredients: French camomile flowers, citrus peels, lemon grass, hibiscus, mint.
Preparation: 2tsp, 100°C, 5-10min.

Stay-fresh pouch 90gr.
Traveler Caddy 90gr.

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